May 2023


27 May 2023

Round 1 of the LSERSA Summer Series was held on Saturday 27th May at Chatham. Full results on Ski Results.

Individual Results
  • Charlotte Currie - 3rd in Ladies U12
  • Lucy Wilson - 4rd in Ladies U16
  • Joshua Wakeling - 3rd in Mens Seniors
  • Katharine Wilson - 1st in Ladies Masters
  • James Currie - 3rd in Mens Masters
  • Anthony Forte - 2nd in Mens Masters 2
  • Nigel Hilliard - 3rd in Mens Masters 2
  • Antonia Wilson - 4th in Ladies U12
  • Bowles - 4th in Clubs Minis

Photos in the gallery.

Kent Schools and SRSA 2

10 May 2023

Kent Schools and the second round of the Snowsports South 2023 Summer Series were both held on Sunday 7th May.

Kent Schools

Full results are available on the Precise Racing website.

Individual Results
  • Charlotte Currie - 1st Primary Senior Female and overall fastest primary girl
  • Antonia Wilson - 3rd Primary Senior Female
  • Lucy Wilson - 1st in Secondary Junior Female
  • Stella Pople - 2nd in Secondary Junior Female
  • Sophie Drennan - 3rd in Secondary Junior Female
  • Lila Ayton - 1st in Secondary Senior Female and overall fastest secondary girl
Primary Teams
  • St Ronans (Aniko and Phoenix Kenyon-Holt, Clemmie Cunningham, Charlie Coulson) - 1st in Mixed Primary Junior
  • Rose Hill, including Charlotte Currie and Gabriel Currie - 1st in Mixed Primary Senior and 1st in Mixed Primary Overall
  • St Ronans 2, including Antonia Wilson and Jack Coulson - 2nd in Mixed Primary Senior
  • New Beacon, including Stanley Natzkoff - 1st in Male Primary Senior
Secondary Teams
  • TWGGS 1 (Lorraine Deschamps-Smith, Bella Fox, Betsy McKeown and Suzy McKibbins) - 3rd in Female Secondary Junior
  • TOGS, including Stella Pople and Charlotte Smith - 2nd in Female Secondary Junior
  • Bennet Memorial (Leo and Sebastian Tavener, Rory and Theo White) - 2nd in Male Secondary Junior
  • TWGGS 3 (Lila Ayton, Ameile and Maisie Lagden and Bess McKibbins) - 1st in Female Secondary Senior and fastest overall secondary girls
Honorable Mentions
  • Gabriel Currie - 4th in Primary Junior Male
  • Lorraine Deschamps-Smith - 4th in Secondary Junior Female

Snowsports South 2

Individual Results
  • Nigel Hilliard - 1st in Mens Masters 2
Fun Teams
  • Nigel Hilliard was a member of the 1st-placed Team Alpha

Full results on Ski Results.