August 2020

Update On Training

30 August 2020

Club training at Bowles is now open again, although (inevitably) there are Covid restrictions.

Friday Nights

The normal 2-hour session, 5:30-7:30, has returned. Numbers are limited to 15 maximum. Cost for the session remains £9.

Tuesday Nights

A second session is now available on Tuesdays, from 6-7. Numbers are limited to 6 maximum. The one-hour session costs a total of £50, split between those taking part.


A booking system has been set up for both these sessiosn (please contact Nigel if you have not received the emails) to ensure we keep within the restricted numbers.

Booking for each weekly session starts the day after the previous session (ie opens on Saturday for the following Friday, Wednesday for the following Tuesday).

To ensure that everyone who wants to train gets a chance, can we please ask that for the Friday sessions, if you trained the previous week you do not book the following week until the Monday.