Membership Information

We hold training sessions at Bowles Outdoor Centre every Friday evening from 5:30 to 7:30, and Tuesday evenings (which are limited to eight racers) from 6-7. Training is held year-round except for Christmas Day and New Year!

A typical session starts with a short period of warm-up exercises, and for this reason we ask everyone to arrive as early as possible. This is followed by progressive instruction and we normally end with evening with informal slalom or dual slalom. We also hold timed training sessions approximately once a month, and hold two club "fun races" a year.

Bowles members

Bowles ski team is represented by its members at as many regional and club races as possible, and we encourage new and current members to participate regularly (although this is not a requirement of membership). Our team has seen some impressive results over the past few years, and with a growing club we hope to achieve even better in the years to come.

New members (both children and adults) are always welcome - our only requirements are that participants be able to ski with linked snow-plough turns from the top of the slope and have motivation to improve.

If you are interested we'd love to hear from you — please get in touch, we look forward to meeting you.

Annual membership charges are £35 for an individual, with a reduced charge of £16 for extra family members. There is also a charge of £11 per person for each training session.

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May 2024