January 2014

Snowsports South Winter Race 1 - Bulletin

30 January 2014

Details for the Aldershot Winter Series race this Sunday (2nd February).

The race will be an individual slalom event with the intention being that all racers will get a minimum of 4 runs. Depending on the number of racers and the weather we may be able to run a dual slalom. Racing must be finished by 11:00 when we will hold prizegiving. Stubbies will be used for racers born in 2003 and later.

The agenda for the morning is as follows:

  • 07:30 centre opens
  • 07:45 registration and bib collection
  • 07:45 open practice (no course)
  • 08:15 course setting and inspection
  • 08:45 first run (poles)
  • 11:00 slope must be cleared. Prizegiving if weather permits on the patio.

At registration the 2003 and later racers will be given a different set of bibs from the older racers but in both cases they will be distributed in the order of registration so the first person to register will get bib number 1etc. This will then be the running order for the race itself so the running order will be random in terms of ages and gender. The race is open to anyone from a Snowsport South affiliated club but for non-ASRC members there will be a £5 entry fee to cover costs.

If there are any questions please email Brian - chairman@snowsportsouth.org.uk.

Kent Schools Ski Championships 2014

29 January 2014

The Kent Schools Ski Championships will be held at Chatham Ski Centre on Sunday 11th May. Details, including race bulletin and registration forms, can be found on the LSERSA website.

Registrations need to be returned by Friday 28th March, with full declaration forms due back by Friday 2nd May.

Summer Races

29 January 2014

Both LSERSA and Snowsport South (SRSA) have announced the dates for their respective summer races series. Date are as follows:

  • Sunday 4th May - Aldershot
  • Sunday 6th July - Welwyn
  • Sunday 13th July - Brentwood
  • Sunday 7th September - Bowles
  • Sunday 19th October - Bromley

More detail on the LSERSA website.

Snowsport South
  • Sunday 27th April - Aldershot
  • Saturday 10th May - Bromley
  • Saturday 12th July - Bowles
  • Saturday 19th July - Southampton
  • Saturday 27th September - Snowtrax

There will be an additional race at Southampton, to be confirmed. More details on the Snowsport South website.

These races are also on the Training & Race Calendar, below the menu.

Snowsports South Winter Race Series

10 January 2014

Snowsport South (SRSA) is running two "Winter Series" races, on Sunday 2 February at Aldershot and Saturday 22 March at Snowtrax.

The Aldershot race will consist of individual timed runs followed by a dual slalom if time allows. Entries will be taken on the day. Practice will start at 8:00 and the racing will finish at 11:00. If you have any queries, please contact Brian Davies via chairman@snowsportsouth.org.uk .

Details for the Snowtrax race will follow.

Details on the SRSA website.