Kent Schools Championship 2017

7 May 2017

The Kent Schools Ski Championship was held on Saturday 6th May at Brentwood. Full results are available on the LSERSA website.

Individual Event
  • Stella Pople was 2nd in the MINI - Girls
  • Lila Ayton was 3rd in the B&G - Girls
  • Evie Ayton was 1st in the MID - Girls
  • Lydia Dunkin was 2nd in the MID - Girls
  • Mia Devey was 3rd in the MID - Girls
  • Joshua Wakeling was 1st in the MID - Boys and 2nd in the Secondary - Boys
  • Ollie Turner-Moore was 2nd in the MID - Boys
  • Elle Ayton was 1st in the SEN - Girls and 1st in the Secondary - Girls
  • Seb Turner-Moore was 3rd in the SEN - Boys
  • Bishops Down A (Lila Ayton, Jack Bowers, Alex Ralph and Teddy Ralph) were 1st in the B&G - Mixed
  • Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar B (Izzy Coker, Lydia Dunkin and Madeline Martin) were 1st in the MID
  • Girls and won the Secondary - Girls
  • Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar C (Amelia Aves, Amelie Cremer-Price and Mia Devey) were 2nd in the MID - Girls
  • Skinners A (Joshua Wakeling, Ethan Gillespie, David Malan and Joseph Panell) were 2nd in the MID
  • Boys
  • Bennett Memorial A (Alex Hewitt, James Marshall, Ollie Turner-Moore and Seb Turner-Moore) were 3rd in the SEN - Boys
Honorable Mentions
  • Izzy Coker was 4th in the MID - Girls
  • Evie Ayton was 4th in the Secondary - Girls
  • St Mary’s Platt A (Christopher Garrett, Thomas Hewitt, Thomas Marshall and Erin Vallance) were 4th in the B&G - Mixed
  • Skinners C (Harvey Galloway, Joshua Mansley and Oliver Wynne) were 4th in the MID - Boys

Pictures of the medallists are in the gallery.