Update on 2021 races

18 April 2021

We have had confirmation that both the Chatham and Bromley Club National races (scheduled for the weekend of 22nd/23rd May) are postponed.

It is also likely that some of the LSERSA races will be re-scheduled, but we are waiting for confirmation.

Training Update

10 April 2021

As Covid restrictions are gradually lifted, we are able to start lifting restrictions on numbers for Friday-night training.

Starting this Friday (16th April) we are increasing the participants-limit for Friday night from 15 to 25.

You should still book training as usual through either the Booking Page on this site, or using the dedicated Friday 'vercel' page.

Tuesdays will remain a one-hour session limited to six racers, and both sessions will remain at £10 per racer.

As ever these arrangements may be subject to review.

Covid-19 Update

21 March 2021

Bowles centre is planning to re-open on Monday 29 March, meaning that training can resume from Tuesday 30 March.

As last year, we will be limited to 6 participants on Tuesdays (for a one-hour session starting at 6:30pm) and 15 on Fridays (for the two-hour session starting at 5:30pm). Booking will remain through the online system, either on the Booking Page on this site, or using the dedicated Tuesday / Friday 'vercel' pages.

Both sessions will cost £10 per racer.

Big'Uns Fun Race Results - 25th September

10 October 2020

The club Fun Race for "big'uns" (racers not qualifying for the 11-and-unders) was held on Friday 25th September; full results for all age groups below:

handicap results

Under-11 Fun Race Results - 18th September

19 September 2020

The club Fun Race for 11-and-Under was held on Friday 18th September; full results below:

handicap results

Pictures of the medallists are in the gallery.