Kent School Championships

12 May 2019

The Kent School Ski Championships were held at Chatham on Sunday 12th May.

Primary Overall Male and Female

Individual Event
  • Rufus Wontner - 1st in Primary Junior Male
  • Stella Pople - 1st in Primary Senior Female and 1st Primary Overall Female
  • Ben Wontner - 1st in Primary Senior Male and 1st Primary Overall Male
  • Boden Kelly - 2nd in Primary Senior Male
  • Lila Ayton - 2nd in Secondary Junior Female
  • Evie Ayton - 2nd in Secondary Senior Female
Primary Teams
  • Holmewood House (Noah Chrysostomou, Miles Green, Sophie Richmond, William Richmond) - 1st Mixed Primary Junior Team
  • Bishops Down Primary School 1 (Dylan Bentley-Bowers, Tommy Pryor, Eva Rigby, Barnaby Weston) - 2nd Mixed Primary Junior Team
  • Rose Hill (Charlotte Davidson, Matthew Davidson, Ben Wontner, Rufus Wontner) - 1st Mixed Primary Senior Team and 1st Mixed Primary Overall Team
Secondary Teams
  • Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School 2 (Lila Ayton, Katy Bentham, Harrier Dunkin, Millie James) - 1st Female Secondary Junior Team
  • Hillview School (Amber Bowers, Georgina Prior, Erin Valance, Cerys Wakeling) - 2nd Female Secondary Junior Team
  • Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School 3 (Isobel Aves, Tallulah Coakley, Amelie Lagden, Maisie Lagden) - 3rd Female Secondary Junior Team
  • The Skinners' School 3 (Joshua Leake, Dominic Nutland-Frankel, James Parr, Bertie Riolo) - 2nd Male Secondary Junior Team
  • Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School 1 (Evie Ayton, Rebecca Forte, Sophie Green, Kathryn Lewey) - 1st Female Secondary Junior Team and 1st Female Secondary Overall Team
  • The Skinners' School 1 (Matthew Bentham, Ethan Gillespe, Joseph Pannell, Joshua Wakeling) - 2nd Male Secondary Senior Team
Fun Teams
  • Stella Pople and Rufus Wontner were members of the 2nd-placed primary fun team
  • Amelie Lagden was a member of the 1st-placed secondary fun team
  • Maisie Lagden was a member of the 2nd-placed secondary fun team
  • Katy Bentham and Nate Weston were members of the 3rd-placed secondary fun team
Honorable Mention
  • Bishops Down Primary School 2 (Alana Domzalskia, Eva Domzalski, Oliver Rigby, Ella Stevenson) - 4th Mixed Primary Senior Team
  • Lila Ayton, Luke Forte and Joe Taylor were members of the 4th-placed secondary fun team

Photos are in the gallery.