About Us

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John Makonnen - President
Contact: president@bowlesskiracingclub.org.uk
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Paul Bailey - Chairman
Contact: chair@bowlesskiracingclub.org.uk

“I am the club Chairman, I have been involved with the race club now for about two years. After my children’s second holiday I realised I would have to find something to fill the skiing gap until next year and Bowles race club certainly does the trick! Although I don’t race myself I am a keen skier and enjoy watching my children improve and have fun every week.”

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Ben Turner-Moore - Secretary
Contact: secretary@bowlesskiracingclub.org.uk

"I learnt to ski on a local dry slope in my early 20s and it kick-started my love for skiing. Now I support my two sons who train and race with Bowles Ski Racing Club. I can clearly see the benefits that training on a dry slope brings to their technique when we all ski together in the mountains. Bowles is a relaxed and friendly club and I'd encourage you to come along and see what we're all about." 

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Nigel Hilliard - Treasurer
Contact: treasurer@bowlesskiracingclub.org.uk

"I am the club treasurer and a qualified alpine ski instructor and ski performance coach. I have been skiing for about 28 years and have raced for about 7 years. I have two children who are also in the Bowles race squad and who both ski better than me - that's life!"

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Simon Everitt - Head Coach
Contact: coach@bowlesskiracingclub.org.uk

"I started skiing the age of 20 and have been a ski instructor since 1988. After a period teaching on snow, I've taught skiing at Bowles alongside a career in IT. I have been involved with the club since 1990, and hold BASI ISIA and SnowSport England IVSI qualifications."

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Marna Wakeling - Club Welfare Officer
Contact: cwo@bowlesskiracingclub.org.uk